Jokes and Stories

Ever since I got e-mail, I have been getting jokes and stuff from friends from around the world. Most of it is really funny. The rest is inspiring. Finally, I decided to open up the vault and post most of this on my web site.

Follow the links to the stories and such. Enjoy!

Yo Momma Jokes

Wal-Mart Greeter

Brooklyn Tony

A Polite Way to Pee

Red Sox jokes

Attitude is everything

Who is God?

Life is....

You know you're a Bostonian

Need help with a job?

The Drunken Priest

Church Bloopers

Human Race is Doomed

Signs That You Are Too Drunk

Son of a Gun

Tough Mice

Postman's Last Day

Hong Kong Dong

On-line Safety Tips

Reasons 2Pac is Still Alive

Children of the Eighties

Best Pick-up Lines

Computer Purchase

If you have any jokes or anything else to add to the list, feel free you e-mail them to me. I will give you proper credit.

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