Boston College Card Show

In my first year at WRBB, I was offered a chance to go to a baseball card show for free. I jumped at the chance since I had the opportunity to meet Mo Vaughn and Frankie Rodriguez as Boston College High School. This was years prior to Vaughn winning the AL MVP and Rodriguez being traded to the Minnesota Twins. I brought along with me my dad's tape recorder that was huge. It was a full size industrial recorder that weighed quite a few pounds. As soon as I walked in, I started asking about meeting and getting drops from the players. I identified myself from WRBB and my contact person told me to talk to her later, so I went shopping. After I did that, I went back to my contact and she informed me that Rodriguez never arrived due to the weather conditions. But Vaughn was there and I was introduced to the Red Sox first baseman. I was nervous when talking to him since he was the first "celebrity" I met. While we were talking and I was preparing to get my drops, Gordie Howe was brought in to meet Vaughn. We shook hands and I was like "wow" since this was a hockey legend. After Howe left, I got my drops from Vaughn and thanked him for his time.

Inspectah Deck

My favorite thing about hanging out at the Middle East night clun was meeting the local artists. One time, I went to the Middle East in Cambridge when Wu-Tang member Inspectah Deck performed. I got there early, as it was tradition for me, and walked backstage. I started talking with Esoteric cut a track with Inspectah Deck for his album. I bounced between the backroom and side area where I normally would stand. Standing there, I met Inspectah Deck's manager who oddly enough was also Method Man's manager as well. We talked about calling and touching bases about setting up interviews. I also talked to the DJ who gave me his number but unfortunately, nothing came of it. I got my drops from Inspectah Deck and hung out backstage until the crowd left. It was from the times I hung out back stage at the Middle East that I became friends with Skitzofreniks, Esoteric, Akrobatik and Reks.

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