Redman and Method Man

Tishawn Gayle was a good friend in college. We were also in Northeastern's business school together. After sitting down in the marketing class we were in together, Tishawn turned to me and asked me if I wanted to interview Method Man and Redman. Tishawn worked for Universal Records, which was the parent company of Def Jam. He always looked out for WRBB since he was a freshman and this was big for him to come up with this for the station. After class, we went over to the radio station to work out the details. We quickly spread the word to the other WRBB staff members but I wanted to keep it quiet so the station wouldn't become crowded with autograph seekers. We set up the interview for at night and I planned on airing the interview the next day. On the day of the interview, I kept getting asked about being nervous. I said my only concern was having all these people crowding the hallway if they found out Method Man and Redman were coming up.

The time for the interview rolled around and I was prepping the production room when Tishawn and their manager walked in. Soon after, Method Man and Redman walked in with their pose. After the introductions and playing around with the equipment, we got the interview started. About one-third of the way through the interview, Redman left the room and walked over to the on-air studio where Candice was just starting up her show. Method Man and I continued on before Redman joined us to finish up the interview. Redman must have been high the entire time. He played around alot and came off as the character you see in the movie "How High." Method Man was alot more serious and certainly came off as the spokesperson for his crew. He introduced me to some of his proteges.

After the interview, we went into the on-air studio where Redman was playing around with the turntables before they let loose with a freestyle session on the air. At this point, the hallway filled up with people but we had no clue how many since there were no windows out to the hallway. We had a few pictures taken inside the studio and then left because it was time for them to go. Outside the on-air studio, Redman signed a few autographs while Method Man and the rest of his crew tagged posters and signed autographs.

The next day, I was replaying the interview and a woman called in. She wanted to speak to Redman and Method Man. When she said she hears them on the radio now, I told her it was a tape. "I know they are there." she replied.

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