Lost Boyz

While working at WRBB, one of my first roles (aside from being on-air DJ and sportsbroadcaster), was assistant business director. From the urban side of things, I took care of the ticket giveaways. From time to time, I scored tickets for myself as well as backstage passes. One such concert was when Lost Boyz performed at the Providence Strand Theatre. I got, what I thought, was two pairs of passes. Turns out, I was given two passes so I had to pay for my friend, Todd Gammon, to get in. We came with one of the night time hip-hop DJs, DJ Mills. After finding our way through Providence, we stopped at a nearby restaurant and then onto the Strand.

Once inside, I began to seek out the person who gave me the tickets and offered me a backstage pass. I walked up to every person who I could find with a name tag until I came across the manager of the Strand. I explained to him the situation and he gave me a backstage pass. I applied the backstage pass to my shirt and met up with Todd and DJ. I hung out with them until the show started. About twenty minutes before Lost Boyz took the stage, I went into the back to check things out and network. On stage at the time was a bunch of guys from Boston. After they finished their set, the house DJ came on and I went back out to talk to Todd and DJ. As Lost Boyz were about to perform, I went into the back to watch the show. After the show and the curtains closed, I told Todd and DJ that I would meet them on the side of the building.

I began my hunt for drops for my show. I first came across the group's DJ, Spigg Nice. He gave me a drop and then I went over to Mr. Cheeks who was on his way out the back door. He recorded the drop without his name and left. I followed him outside and had him record it again. Mr. Cheeks started signing autographs so I walked over to the van where Freaky Tah was to get a drop from him also. We started recording and I got one done and then Spigg Nice hopped into the van. I recorded a second one with both of them that came out really good. Mr. Cheeks was still busy signing autographs and getting his picture taken. I sat in the van when Mr. Cheeks yelled out. We all looked over as he approached the van. Apparently, some one he was either posing with or signing an autograph for, stole his hat and took off down the alley. He walked over to the van and said "I never seen a chick ran so fast in high heels." I took one more drop from the group and thanked them for their time.

I walked out to where I was meeting Todd and DJ. We headed back ot the car to return to Boston. Todd said "I will never doubt you again." Little did we know what the next couple of years would bring.

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