Interview with V-Zilla

Q: You just released "You've Been Warned" with Mr Arnell and Krazy Race. How has the fan response been so far?

A: The response has been good, I think Lawrence and myself throw out enough freebies throughout the year that most of our supporters expect nothing less than something decent... It was really just something to let heads know another LP was in the works and it was burning our inboxes just sitting there.. shout out to Kraze Race from LA, good guy and talent in his own..

Q: When can fans expect the new album "The Monster and Mr Arnell" to drop and how close to complete is it?

A: Well, Surprisingly, the supporters definitely wanted another LP, haha, I say that because when we did the first one, me and L had only known each other for like 6 months tops, and we had a great chemistry and smashed the first LP out in like 14 days... it was literally a couple weeks and done.. now we waited to drop it, but when we did, the response was pretty strong. As far as the new LP, we are revamping the tracklist and coming back with more heavy hitters, so were not gonna rush it, but were not gonna let it sit on the shelf too long either, Only L and myself know when the time is right... Sooner than later..

Q: Most people know you from AOTP. Anything in the works for the group?

A: Considering we hit the supporters with 2 albums back to back from AOTP, that was kind of us saying, this should hold you all down until we form like voltron and drop something else. Really and truly, that decision comes from Vin and Company, The love for AOTP is worldwide and hopefully we get to put something new together in the future, whenever the call comes, i'm ready... i'm always ready. Until then, the focus is on my solo LP, Lawrence already has an album done and of course MMA2.

Q: So how's school going and what encouraged you to take classes?

A: School is going good, you know my reasons at first was simply to prove that I COULD go back, but as I started getting into my classes, and taking it serious, another vision came into my head, I wanted to teach, I wanted to be able to give back to the youth and kind of pay homage to all the teachers that sparked my creativity. In the music game, there is a ton of heartbreak and financial instability and unless you're a machine or backed by one, there is no plan "B", so I knuckled up and got busy in school, currently have a 4.0 GPA and realizing that on one end, Music is where my heart will always be and I will continue to record and do shows until I can no longer perform above level and school is the backup that will ensure whenever this ride ends, I have something that will allow me to eat, teach and be at peace with myself, but neither are going anywhere anytime soon. lol, I got plenty of music in me and a long road towards a PHD.

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