Interview with Uncle Sam

Q: You just released "The Ballad of Johnny Appleseed". How was the response to your mix tape been so far?

A:The response has been very positive! It's only been a week, but I've been getting feedback from all over. I like seeing which songs people gravitate towards. There's always a couple that run a way from the pack. It's not a mixtape though. All the production is original, with beats from Alex Allinson, Motion Picture, Teeba, Lightfoot, and Flip Jackson.

Q: "My Story" was your first video from the mix tape. Explain to your fans where the idea of the video comes from?

A:I've got to give all the credit there to my good friend, Justine, who directed it. I wrote the song, she related to the message, and then she created the concept to tie it all together. Art inspires Art, and I'm a big fan of stepping back & letting other artists respond to my songs on their own terms.

Q: You also run your own Internet radio show "LFOD" on How has running the show help you understand the industry?

A: LFOD Radio is an FM program that broadcasts on 91.5FM every Tuesday night at 7pm. Podcasts are uploaded to evey other week. I've learned an incredible amount since I started. That's one of the goals of LFOD Radio, to learn how things work & share the knowledge with other artists. I'm building a platform & I want everyone involved to grow with it. My main goal is to keep pace with the talent we support. That's why on 06/16/16, we're taking it up another level & throwing our first show at the Middle East.

Q: After three projects released, what can your fans expect next for you?

A:Well, you know I like to keep things mysterious....But, for real, think of what an Uncle Sam sounds like- Could you come up with anything? So far my releases have run the gamut, from Raw, to Pioneering Burdens, to They Don't Know About It, to International Rap. Different style beats, new flows. That's why I keep my projects short & sweet. We're playing with new ideas every time. That being said, next up is probably the John Henry or the Paul Bunyan EP. BOJA was just the first chapter in the American Legends series.

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