Interview with Stiz Grimey

April 3, 2016

Q: You recently released a single "Maybe" with Evan Black. How happy are you with the response to the video?

A: Im def pretty happy with the Maybe video.. The director Jon Walley did an amazing job, and I feel like it got a great response.. While i wish we were getting more coverage from blogs, and more national press, I take pride in knowing that pretty much anyone whos seen it, fucks wit it.. And s/o my guy Evan Black who did his thing on that record!

Q: Aside from Evan Black and Superstah Snuk, any other features that the fans can look forward to?

A: Locked In The Vault is beats exclusively from J1k's The Vault beat tapes, and features Evan Black, Moroney, Grover, Kam'Geez, Easy Money, n JTronius.. I really reached out to artists who I thought would sound good on the particular beat I was working on.. Super grateful for all of them getting involved.. As well as Shawn Patel and Producers United who are sponsors of the project..

Q: When is the Stiz Grimey tour?

A: Mannn listen! I wish I was touring nationally and internationally ritee the fuvk now!! But as of yet, I havnt had the opportunity to be on a legit tour.. If I had the financial backing, I could get on a tour tomorrow.. I think before you can even think about a step like that tho, you need to have alot of things already established so that youre able to take full advantage of what a tour offers.. I dont wanna tour just for the sake of saying I did.. I want it to be the logical next step in a series of planned movements..

Q: What has working on the WAAF morning show taught you about the radio industry?

A: Its funny, cuz I truly believe everything Ive done prepared me for wat was to come next.. Working at WAAF, I get to use my creativity, studios and protools, marketing etc.. All of these things are skills that Ive been honing with Stiz Grimey.. Ive created these songs, got into studios and recorded them, and then networked and marketed myself to try and get maximum exposure.. And thats what I told Hillman when I interviewed for the job.. Nothing was to small or too big a task.. If someone needed a coffee, I could do that.. And if you needed a rap about how fat Pablo Sandoval is, written and recorded in a half hour, I can do that too.. One thing thats been different tho, is working for a machine.. With the Stiz Grimey brand, Im the boss.. Its me making all the decisions on how content should be created, and how said content should be marketed and released.. With WAAF, Im working for a company that has a Program Director, a General Manager, a team of lawyers.. So the decision isnt mine to make.. I can only present what I feel is best.. But overall its been surreal to land a job on a morning show that I was such a fan of.. Not to mention one of the top morning shows in the market.. And our market in general is nothing to sneeze at.. Ive really just been trying to learn as much as possible from everyone there.. But its so amazing to have a job that I truly love, and where I not only get to explore my creative side, but Im rewarded for doing so..

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