Interview with General Steele

Q: Last mixtape you released was back in 2010. Any plans of dropping a new solo or Smif n Wessun album in the future?

A: Yeah, we are currently working on some new Smif n Wessun music. We also have solo projects and other collaborations in the works as well. I just released a projected titled "Bucktown in Bazarro World" under my own imprint "Bucktown USA". I have a few artists that I am working with as well all set to release projects under BTU or Bucktown USA.

Q: You and Tek just came off tour over in Europe. How is it to head overseas and perform?

A: It's an amazing rush. It can also drain you so it is a test of will and endurance. Other than that, it's great to be able to travel for hip hop. I feel like an ambassador LOL. But its great to see how people receive hip hop all over the World.

Q: The Duck Down BBQ is coming up soon and has become a Summer tradition. I've never attended for what is the atmosphere like?

A: It's electric. There are people everywhere; men, women and children. It's awesome to see that type of energy and its even more special for me because I grew up in that neighborhood so I get to see many of the faces I grew up with and also the younger ones that have matured and grew up watching us in the hood. We inspire the hood and the hood inspires us. Love, peace, unity and simply having fun.

Q: How does it feel for people to talk about your music as "classic hip-hop"?

A: At times, it's a bit overwhelming. I feel like I have much to accomplish before reaching that status. My friends get mad at me sometimes because I often downplay the accomplishments. I am a soldier for Hip Hop and my family so I do not see the accolades but it is a wonderful thing to be perceived and counted as one of the greats and to be accepted and love by the people.

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