Interview with Superstah Snuk

Q: You just released your album "Man of 1000 STyles". Where did you come up with that title?

A: Man of 1000 styles is a name I gave myself after mastering every rap style you can think of. From boom Bap to double time & everything in between. It was stolen from a wrestler named Dean Malenko who was known as the 'man of 1,000 holds'

Q: How happy are you with the response to the album so far?

A: I'm overwhelmed by the response to the album. It's picking up a lot of traction organically.

Q: Your first video "Falling In Love" looks great. How did you come up for the concept for the video?

A: Me and director Nick Pedini came up with the concept of making a bottle come to life as a girl because the song is about alcohol but upon first listen it can be mistaken as a song about a female.

Q: Anything in the works for a follow up?

A: I have 3 solo projects in the works & an ST da Squad Album dropping at the end of the summer.

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