Interview with Shalom the Poet

Q: This past year, you won the Mind Spray open mic contest. How did that feel to win over the crowd on your first performance?

A: Winning the Mind Spray open mic was crazy because I wasn't going to compete. I don't like competitiveness, esp when it comes to music, so it was rather uncomfortable for me. Once I got that mic in my hand and approached it like it was any other open mic I was okay. It was the knowledge of knowing that people had faith in me to win and I was afraid of disappointing folks, esp myself

Q: Recently, you released "Angels in the City". When can we expect a mixtape to drop?

A: I'm working on the mixtape with Aisling Peartree and to be honest I'm not sure when we will be dropping it. Hopefully soon. I'm very proud of how it's coming out as well as honored to be working with Aisling.

Q: We say you first in Abyss' video "Fire Bath" and again in Token's video. When will we see your own video?

A: I'm not fond of being in my videos, maybe as a cameo. I would much rather give a different visual for my music, esp if it's a song off of my album.

Q: Looking back, did you think you would be where you are at two years ago?

A:Two years ago I had hit rock bottom, and had 2 choices left, at least at the time. It was suicide or go to a Wreckshop event THE FORMULA, which was my first time meeting Justice Born. I then attended The Freedom Cypher in Cambridge at The Democracy House and it was through my love for music and divine intervention that I chose to stay alive and give myself a chance. So no I didn't think of anything as far as how far I have come, but I am just getting started.....#fuckwitme

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