Interview with Rain

April 4, 2016

Q: You always seem to be working on something. What is up next?

A: Ah yes, my fatal flaw. Always working on something. I have a number of different projects on my plate right now. 1st is the "54th Regiment" project, which is myself and The Arcitype on production, with REKS, Moe Pope and SPNDA doing the rap guy stuff. It's been a little while in the making because of everyone's individual schedules, but it's coming out exactly how we want it to. Moe's had this idea for a while and now just seems like the right time.

Next is my project with Esh called "Shallow Cannonball". It's been really refreshing working with Esh. We don't take very many things seriously except music and we have a similar work flow so it's been easy to bang out records and have fun doing it. It's gonna be really hard to top Esh and Arc's new record! If you haven't heard it, you're fucking up. Anyhow, we'll be leaking some songs within the next few months.

Latrell James and I have teamed up for a project and we are calling ourselves "Hiding From Tomorrow". This one right here has been a challenge for me because Latrell is, himself, one of my favorite producers out right now. Ever produce for a producer? That shit is hard! I'm excited to see where this record goes because I'm coming at from a different angle. Most times I'll have strong sense of where I want to go with an album. With this, we're letting it evolve and I'm going to do more than I've ever done in post production. The homie Lightfoot is mixing this so I'm sure his flavor is going to be in there as well.

I have a few more scattered things here and there. I have "The Orphanage" coming in the next month or so, which is basically songs that were meant for projects that never came out. But they're all dope, just never found homes. Me and Arc are doing Fran-P's "Drawing With Blades" record. I remixed the Bearstronaut "Paradice" album. Just waiting on artwork. I have a drum break record/ drum pack coming out with Arc. And...I may finally be able to work on my solo instrumental record (that is if Moe doesn't want to start a new record). Lots and lots this year!

Q: You are best known for your work with Moe Pope. Who else have you worked with in the past?

A: I met Moe when I used to work for, which is where I met damn near everyone else I've worked with. I have records with REKS, Term, EDO, Masta Ace, Skyzoo, STS. Probably dozens more that I can't even think of right now. Looking forward to working with newer up and coming artists. I feel the need to get inspired by a younger generation.

Q: Where do you find your inspiration for your music?

A: I've always been able to adapt but today's music is hard for me to understand. Most times it's easy for me to take pieces of everything that inspires me and melt everything together. I mean, for "Let The Right Ones In", I was listening to a ton of Radiohead and Flying Lotus. I studied a number of different records and put my own twist on it. It was also my first time creating an entirely original, sample free body of work. Honestly, I'm lucky enough to say that my peers are my inspiration. Working with Arc and Lightfoot on Jared Evan's "The Artform of Whatever" was insanely inspirational for me. I think we all push each other to that next level without even really being aware of it. My good friend Chris Klaxton (of Tan Vampires) always amazes me when he plays on my albums. Guy's a damn genius. I guess you could say, good music, regardless of genre inspires me.

Q: Are you planning on any tours and if so, where?

A: Nothing as of right now but I'm sure that when all these projects are wrapped up, I'll be playing shows somewhere.

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