Interview with Problemattik

March 31, 2016

Q: What projects (solo or group) are you currently working on?

A: Sounds of the city is an all original project produced by Pat white entirely. Features from the team and a guest appearance that hasn't been announced yet. Also a team project called Loudpack Vol.1 is getting ready to drop within the next 2 months

Q: Any new videos in the works?

A: Of course. Videos from both projects and each members projects as well. Nothing set in stone but we tend to stick to who we work with so most likely Myster DL and Roseglen on the camera.

Q: You have done a few shows recently. Any tours planned?

A: Nothing planned yet. But last year we did roughly 70 shows in new england and plan to rebound off that this year.

Q: You used to host your own shows in Malden. Any plans to start hosting again?

A: ABSOLUTELY. looking for a spot now to have shows and charity fundraisers at. We always liked to help artists from the Everett area and various charities from here as well. Alehouse was many moons ago. So i hope to gain another one of those again and do my job.

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