Interview with Cody Pope

March 31, 2016

Q: You recently released "Hymns for Him (and Her) volume 2". How happy are you with the response so far?

A: I am beyond ecstatic with the reception of "Hymns For Him (& Her): Volume Two". From the listening party, to release show, to the beginning of this tour, everything has been extremely gratifying. I'm incredibly grateful for the positive reactions people have given me in regards to the quality of content and growth of my artistry.

Q: You are heading out on your first tour. How are you feeling about it?

A: We actually just embarked today to start heading out to our first tour date. I'm currently writing these responses from a hotel room in Baltimore. I can't even begin to describe how fulfilling and momentous it feels for me to be hitting the road for my first national tour. It took a lot of time to coordinate but I am so thankful that some people were willing to help me bring this to reality.

Q: Any videos planned for any of the songs on the album?

A: Definitely working on some treatments for videos from both Hymns Vol 1 & 2. A lot of people missed out on the first Hymns record because I didn't have the same reach with my music that I have grown since its release, so I have some plans to release videos from both records.

Q: When does volume 3 drop?

A: Volume Three is coming out in Late August. I've pretty much finished writing all of it and demoing out songs, so now I'm in the stages of preparing to go in and tighten all the ideas, make everything cohesive, and put it all into the recording.

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