Interview with Pat Liban

Q: Currently, you are finishing up Dope Beats and Fine Wine. When can your fans expect it to be released and how close to done is it?

A: Dope Beats & Fine Wine is completely done. I'm looking to shoot and release the videos for the singles this summer, following the album's release on November 5th.

Q: We know you worked with Jon Glass on it. Anyone else we can look forward to?

A: Jon Glass produced the whole album. We had co-production on some tracks by Brendan Brady, of Surefire Creative Studios but pretty much it was all Jon. As far as features go, you can look forward to REKS and Termanology being on it. That's the home team, so I always like to do something special with them. You can look forward to Moe Pope and TOKEN being on there, but their feature is only available on the iTunes version as a bonus. So, buy the album, if you want to hear some serious back to back bars!! I also have Red Pages and JFK of Showoff records on there. I'm pretty sure, that's about it. I kept the features to a minimum,

Q: What track are you going to put out as a video first?

A: The first song is going to be "Hello Morning" (Good Morning). I've released it in the past, as a leak, and it has done justice for me. Dj Premier played it more than once on his radio show, Funk Master Flex has showed love to it, as well. It just hit over 100k REAL views on soundcloud. It was ranked #71 in the top 100 Indie Hiphop Songs on Coast2Coast. I'm proud.

Q: You spent some time over in Lebanon. How did that experience affect your music career?

A: It has brought more debt to my music. I can now compare and contrast. Growing up, I was stuck between a Culture & a Lifestyle, and with that I've used music to vent and welcome people into my life. My choosing to move to Lebanon for a bit, really put things in perspective for me and broaden my way of thinking. I now, still vent in my music but I try to educate others on what's going on in the world, that most of us are completely oblivious about.

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