Interview with Moroney

Q: You've been on a long hiatus from music. What have you been up to aside from working on stage and in the studio?

A: Working 50 hours a week.. Fighting depression, addiction, fighting with my baby mother. It's been a long 2 years but in the past 6 months, I've finally been focused again, Motivated, and writing. I'm really more concerned with being a good person and a great father, it's hard to do as a rapper as ignorant as I was/am.

Q: You mentioned you were working on a new album. Any title or release date yet?

A: More of an EP 8/9 new songs with 2 bonus tracks.. ( BLOCKAH BLAOW & MARBLES ) which never made there way on to any projects. The title is HIBERNATION and I'm hoping to drop it sometime in the fall, definitely before the new year.

Q: You used to be a battle rapper. How different is it from being on stage with your own set?

A: personally it's easier to battle then to perform a whole set. Less energy and better crowd reaction. Nothing compares to tearing down a stage tho.

Q: Would you ever consider battling one more time?

A. I'll absolutely battle again.

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