Interview with Conor (Mind Spray)

April 6, 2016

Q: We are coming up on the two year anniversary of Mind Spray. Looking back, did you think it would have become this popular?

A: The goal of Mind Spray was to support the local hip-hop community by offering meaningful opportunities & incentives like cash, studio time & performance opportunities, so I'm definitely not surprised that we've gotten such a positive response from the artists & fans. That said, we are definitely planning on taking this movement to a whole other level beyond where it's at right now.

Q: What are you hoping for in the next two years?

A: I'm planning to establish Mind Spray showcases in other major cities across the US and hoping to help create a touring network for the best artists in Boston & beyond. We're also interested in releasing original music from artists in our community down the line.

Q: You've actually been a part of the hip-hop scene longer than two years. How have you seen it evolve?

A: I've been working with hip-hop artists since 2007, but I didn't start booking and promoting shows professionally until I co-founded The Brain Trust in 2010. I've watched the scene ebb and flow a lot during that time, but one thing that stands out to me lately is that local artists seem to be getting more savvy & recognizing the importance of both collaboration & specialization when it comes to building a music career.

Q: What else is going on with The Brain Trust?

A: The Brain Trust has evolved quite a bit in the past few years. In addition to producing independent events and booking a well-known club in Boston, we have also developed a number of other brands to support different styles of music & entertainment we believe in (ie. STEMS Collective, Thunderbar Comedy, etc). Like Mind Spray, we hope to make most of these brands national within the next few years.

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