Interview with M-Dot

Q: What is the latest update on your studio album?

A: Finally almost complete (I mean it this time haha). Just need to record 3 more songs and finish the last mixing sweep before mastering. Have 6 videos already shot which is good too. So once it's packaged-up we can press play on all of them. As well as starting shooting more.

Q: Any special features that fans should be looking forward to?

A: not many features on it. Wanted a production (Hi Tek, Marley Marl, Buckwild, Marco Polo & more) heavy lineup. There is a second song with Method Man however!

Q: Is there an EMS album in the works?

A: Yup. Did 2 more songs actually last weekend. And shot a new video while in New York. Really looking fwd to the team project. As that's the most fun to create since these are my friends since kids.

Q: How happy are you with the reception to "1 2 3 Flow" video and which one did you like?

A: It has been very humbling seeing the attention is gotten. Gotta give the credit to my brother Vic, he had the vision for a few years now. And we saw it to fruition. Shot another (new version) one in San Francisco on the Golden Gate Bridge. That will drop soon as well

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