Interview with Block McCloud

April 1, 2016

Q: You recently retired/unretired more times than Michael Jordan. What projects are you currently working on?

A: Im wrapping up my new album Book of Ishmael as well as executive producing albums for my people Mastermind Alliance and Arichussettes..and in response to your observation, Yes my retirement/non retirement has been a result of my inner struggles with alcohol and substance abuse and my outer struggles with Assholes in this industry that have completely turned me off to this game, and discouraged me from wanting to continue to be a part of it. If not for the undying love and support of my loyal fan base, Id have remained retired. Its tough to give it up when people tell me my music has saved their lives. I guess music is as much an addiction as my other habits, I keep relapsing.

Q: You made a surprise appearance at the RA the Rugged Man show. How did you enjoy being back in front of a crowd?

A: I absolutely loved it man.. I wasn't going to go but R. A. hit me back and told me I was on the list.. And my wife Fresh is very persuasive lol. So I went and I was incredibly happy I did. R. A showed love as did our fans and turning out the Boulevard Diner was hysterical.

Q: Any videos (solo or AOTP) that fans should be looking forward to?

A: I have two videos in editing stages and two more that Im writing the treatments for now and Ill be Directing.. Fresh co-wrote the treatments for the last 2 And I directed those as well. Im getting into the whole video thing.. I feel its an extension of the music, particularly for me as Its been a good reason for my success. I enjoy having the ability to elaborate on the music with a visual that represents what I envisioned when I started writing the song.

Q: You are originally from Brooklyn. How do you enjoy living in Worcester and the growing hip hop scene?

A: I love it. There's an aura.. that reminds me of Old School Brooklyn, A relaxed environment that I enjoyed as a kid in Brooklyn before Giuliani fucked it all up. Ive enjoyed alot of the relationships Ive made with folks like you Rob, Electric Haze, the Music and Art scene etc, but most Importantly Ive had the privilege of making a home for my kids, my mom and my love, Fresh. Owning a house has always been my parameter for success as a parent. Being able to offer them that security was my dream and I've realized it here in Worcester. Thank You to the good people out here who've welcomed me with open arms. Love is Love. Peace.

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