Interview with Latrell James

April 8, 2016

Q: It's been almost a year since '12' was released. Are you happy with its success?

A: Twelve was am statement project for me. The goal was to establish myself as an artist in the scene and it served its purpose.

Q: Any videos in the works?

A: In the process of creating art. Maybe some videos will follow sometime soon.

Q: '99 Altima' has been a popular song at your performances. Can you tell your fans how this song came about?

A: 99 Altima is 100% true from start to finish. I wanted to create a song about a car and how it made me feel. I thought it would be unique to talk about my first car. I am glad it worked out.

Q: Are you working on a new solo album?

Will there be a follow up? Maybe soon. Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z

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