Interview with Jon Glass

Q: Glasshouse Productions has been very busy the past 12 months. What are you currently working on?

A: we have a lot going on, but right now just working on organizing a few releases for the summer

Q: You introduced the World to Token. Are you ready to hit the road with him?

A: I think Token introduced Token, but we have been there to make sure every detail is covered including hitting the road

Q: What inspires you to create your music?

A: life, emotions, people, other music. I'm very much influenced by surrounding. I enjoy collaborating a lot with other musicians and producers because they all influence me a lot with their styles

Q: What is your favorite track that you produced in the past 12 months?

A: that's out... I'd say the new Token song / video, "Waist Down." It's a fun record and Token killed it with an incredible video by Project 2 Studios. And the beat bangs!

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