Interview with Joey B

Q: You are currently working on a new solo album. What's the title and what should fans expect it to be released?

A: The Title is "Closure" Im hoping to have it wrapped up and released no later than Mid June.

Q: Any special features on the album?

A: as of right now I have Slaine, Joe Budden, Trev Rich Tygastyle and hopefully Crooked by the end of the tour

Q: You are about to head out on tour with Crooked I. How does it feel to be apart of this tour?

A: Words cant even describe how it feels to be contacted by a booking agent and personally asked by Crooked to join the tour it's just unreal to me haha. Bronze Nazareth (Wu-Tang Family) was also just added to the tour as well as Members of Mo Thugs (Bone Thugs N Harmony Family) The other thing that's amazing to me is the amount of support. I hate asking for help but as many people know I have Crohn's disease and have been going through severe treatment the past year. So for me to leave the area for an extended period of time is not onlu semi dangerous byt very expensive medication wise, I had to swallow my oride and set up a Gofundme and within 2 days I reache the amount of money needed to cover the cost of the trip (SO, AGAIN I THANK EVERYONE THAT HELPED ME REACH MY GOAL) its an amazing feeling to know there is that many people pulling for me.

Q: Any videos coming out soon?

A: Hoping to be releasing a bunch of funny promo videos through my good friend Scott Sandonato who is absolutely great with the camera and editing. hes also a funny guy and has great ideas. Other than that I have 3 videos right off the top of my head that I want shot. 1 is By Myself Ft. Joe Budden. The trak with Slaine & Tygastyle and an really intricate piece if art to go along with the into

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