Interview with Mr. Fritz

April 2, 2016

Q: Last year, you released The Glory. Are you happy with the response?

A: I feel like a lot of people who took the time to listen to it really liked it, so I'm happy in that regard. I've heard from some reviews that it was my first project where they could listen the whole way through without skipping anything, so I like that feeling. I was in a certain mindset when I was recording it and it was a real difficult time getting what I wanted to make happen done. The Glory is like a testament to my own personal will to make a project work and I'm satisfied in that regard. Of course, I don't want to rest on my laurels but for what it was I think the Glory captured what I wanted to say at that time, and I'm happy with that.

Q: Any videos that fans can look forward to?

A: I'm speaking with a few people to make that happen. You might hear some stuff for my newer joints, you might hear some stuff for some of my older joints. I'm working on some things, but I don't wanna just do a video half-assed. I've never really planned any of the videos I've done before, so I'm trying to make it so I actually try to storyboard something this time. But it's definitely gonna happen.

Q: Are you already working on a new project and if yes, what is it?

A: Yeah, I'm working on a couple actually. I'm doing a collab EP with the homie J1K that's about 50% done so far. We got a title and I recently dropped the cover for it on social media. I'm also doing a true follow-up project. If anyone's been following me on snapchat (itsmrfritz) they know I've been producing full-time again. At least a beat a day, or 2 a day if I miss a day. And I've been pretty consistent with it since I started. So with this next project, I'm going to be producing a lot more of the project along with J1K again. As opposed to The Glory, where I didn't make any beats for it. I also got some beats from Billy Loman recently that I plan on using. It's gonna be a little slimmer than my previous works, but it's gonna have a way different approach compared to what I've done, too. Not trying to have any filler and I also wrote a song I feel like is one of my best songs I've ever written on there. But that's kind of a ways off from being ready to talk about in much detail. I'm trying new things, though just know that.

Q: Any tours in the works and if so, where?

A: I recently came off a mini tour with the Beantown Bullies. I'm planning on doing more shows, soon but right now I'm kind of in a creative mode so I'm working on my own stuff for the moment. But if the Bullies are there, you know Mr. Fritz is gonna be right there with em.

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