Interview with Weapon E.S.P.

April 13, 2016

Q: As an artist, how do you feel like you have grown in the past 3 years?

A: Over the past 3 years I have grown as an emcee due to the fact that I was so hungry and taking every opportunity I was offered to be heard. I would take any show whether there was a packed house or 5 people. I was also traveling to all areas of the North East to do shows and have my music reach more ears. After the drop of my debut in 2014,I chose to take more time on my newer material and met and built with a larger variety of beat-makers and this has improved my sound. My ability to rock a crowd has improved because of the 100's of shows I've done in recent years. I bumped into Mass Acre Music group emcees Time and Lepp while we were both opening for Termanology and Edo G at the Electric Haze in Worcester one night and we immediately connected and knew we had to work together. Mass Acre is now my team and it consists of Time, Lepp, illa Truth(producer/Manager) and myself! Together we are grinding and taking bigger and bigger opportunities. I guess you could say the grind to catch recognition is a tough one, but it helps build you and develops you into a beast if your hungry enough. Weapon E.S.P

Q: What new project are you currently working on?

A: I have two projects I am currently working on. My solo album( Weapon E.S.P- Devolution) and my duo project (East Agents) with Aperiod.

Q: Are you planning on any videos for your tracks?

A: Ideally I would like to do a vid for every song, but I am still in the process of narrowing down which ones to do visuals for. I promise it'll be dope and the director I am using is the same from my first video "Tundra", Shane Mclellan.

Q: You take your name from Wolverine aka Weapon X. Talk about your love for the character

A: Ever since I can remember Wolverine was my favorite character because I just feel he is the most badass. Logan is more rugged than the rest in his style, habits, attitude, berserker rage..etc..Most importantly I use Weapon E.S as an alias based off Weapon X, which is when Wolverine was captured and scientists laced his entire skeleton with adamantium,creating a weapon. Wolverine was always a loner, he drinks, smokes and the ladies love him. I am just angry there is a girl Wolverine now haha, but I'm not getting into that.As far as the name goes, I feel my skills on the mic and my hunger has made me a lyrical weapon so I adapted the name. At first the "Weapon" was not an official part of my emcee name, but now it is Weapon E.S.P.

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