Interview with D-Tension

April 4, 2016

Q: You recently announced your new album "The Violence of Zen". How did you come up with that title?

A: Zen is a state that I cannot achieve until I have removed all darkness from within myself and from my immediate surroundings. The past two years have been the most difficult of my adult life. Iíve had to reevaluate some friend ships, business partnerships and other relationships that were bringing me down. In order to achieve Zen, the state of meditation and insight that will allow my energy to benefit myself and more importantly those who I come into contact with, I had to extract all of this darkness from my life. Violence! The record is largely me being honest with myself about myself and crushing the things about me that I donít like. I can be my own worst enemy sometimes. Violence! The album hasnít come out yet but the figurative death of the infidels that I once called friends has already begun. Now Iíve got an amazing job, a part in a Hollywood film, recorded a new album and got back to working on the FM dial. I converted his false flag friendship, converted it into positive energy and now I am back with a calm vengeance that will frustrate the hell out of my enemies while it also pays my bills. Violence! I just rented a lake house on lake winnipesaukee. Iíll be fishing for trout for dinner this summer. ZEN! The rest of the album is best quality MC shit. ZEN!

Q: Any special features fans should be looking forward to?

A: Diamond D, Tash of The Alkaholiks, Pace Won, Esoteric, Big Ben Hillman, Effect and at least three others that arenít recorded yet but will be in the next week or two.

Q: What is your observation on how Independant hip hop has changed over the past few years?

A: The more things change the more they stay the same. Itís mostly shitty artists with a beat program and a mic. Juts add water, instant rappers. There are some stellar acts as well. Nothing about it has changed. I saw this article about ďwhy Boston hip hop doesnít blow up.Ē and I realized that someone writes that same article every year for the past 20 years. Same old shit. Limited venues, limited press, limited radio, limited talent. I still get my point across with humor. Not much has changed. Two things have changed that I can say for sure. 1. I donít give a fuck about being all up in the game and booking shows and helping people ďget onĒ. I did enough of that for a lifetime and there is very little ďthank youĒ or returning of favors out there. I appreciate those who are dope. I appreciate those who appreciate me. 2. Iíve stepped up my game. Iím 45 and I am a better artist now than I have ever been.

Q: Will your puppet make an appearance in an upcoming video?

A: I generally donít use the same trick over and over. I doubt the puppet comes back. Then again the Santa suit will be in my next video. You never know!

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