Interview with Myster DL

April 26, 2016

Q: You are a man of many talents. Started out as an artist/producer. Are you working on anything currently?

A: Im am currently working on my 13th solo album “Smoke Signals” which will feature a slew of legendary artists from Cypress Hill to Kool G Rap and everyone in-between. I also produced the entire album except for 2 bonus tracks produced by Statik Selektah and The Snowgoons. I cant lie, music isn’t what it was and its frustrating writing good music that gets overlooked by bad music so I branched out into making music videos, films and Tv Shows. I am close to releasing my 200th music video on ILL Mannered Films. In addition to music videos and music I am also a film director. I wrote, filmed, directed, edited and even co-starred in the critically acclaimed film A SEA OF GREEN and I am currently finishing season 1 of my comedy series THE WEEKEND WARRIORS. Finally, I am completing the script for my next film AS THICK AS THIEVES

Q: You've recorded over 100 music videos. Any new videos coming for your music?

A: Yes i plan on making a DVD for my new album. 19 videos. I really enjoy filming and photography but its a lot more creative to film for someone else then yourself. Im limited to tripod shots when i do my own solo videos. Im excited that I currently passed 10 million views on Youtube.

Q: You are filming a series called "Weekend Warriors". When should we expect to see it?

A: We have filmed 8 of the 10 episodes for season 1 and it will be released this year. I haven’t decided it I’m going to release 1 a week for 10 weeks or just release them all at once for the Netflix style binge watchers

Q: You are starting to put together a new movie "Thick as Thieves". How is that coming along?

A: The story is very dark and original. The cast will be very small the complete opposite of my last film. I will have some easter eggs in the film linking this to my last film but it is in no means a part 2 or a sequel. Im going to shoot this movie more artistically and clean up at the film festivals…….I hope.

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