Interview with Dark Matter

April 8, 2016

Q: First time I saw you, it was at Bridgin Gaps break dancing. What got you into dancing?

A: "You Got Served". I saw that movie when I was in about the 4th grade and I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I taught myself how to wave from mimicking movies and videos then when youtube got to be a bigger thing I would try to copy that until I could make up my own stuff. I had no idea it had such a huge culture until highschool and I learned and fell in love with it. Not to mention it was a powerful style to be into that challenged me on a regular basis and took me places I never thought I'd go before I even started Thinking about singing (music videos, dance companies, etc.) so it became my first love. It always will be.

Q: How happy are you with the response to The Grave from fans?

A: I think the response was very good, people clung to the same songs that I did when it was finished so it was great to know me and the fans were on the same wavelength. We put that out just to show a transition into a newer sound we were working on which we've been told by listeners is very unique. It's cool to make up your own style and have people notice and be able to pick out what makes it so different. Everyone's favorite songs were Alienated, Missed and (the big crowd pleaser) Yggdrasil. Those were also the most challenging/fun to make because of all of the harmonies and melodies so it was a great reward.

Q: Any videos planned for the album?

A: We did release one already for Alienated that got a good response but we've been trying to make on for Yggdrasil. It's a very eery song so it has been a challenge to find the right location. We have not given up on the idea of that video yet.

Q: Is there another album coming up from you and Mad S?

A: There is and Mad says "they're dope". There is something very special in the works that we're trying to release later this year, hopefully before summer is over. We've done one or two of the new songs in our set at Hard Rock Cafe and I've been singing and getting alot of love on one of my new songs (which I'll be doing at Mind Spray anniversary on Sunday). People have really connected with them already know some of the words and they aren't even recorded yet so I think it's safe to say Dark Matter will bring you chills once again. Hopefully we'll have an official announcement soon.

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