Interview with Champ Chuck

Q: Thanks for having me up on your show, Overdog Radio. How is the entire experience on radio going for you?

A: Peace Rob. The experience is going great for me. I enjoy hearing the stories behind the music, and I love having a platform to play some quality Hip Hop music. Over the course of the two plus years we've been doing OverDog (peace to the listeners since the UnderDog days!), I've interviewed plenty of people I've listened to my whole life.

Q: You have had many people up or called in for interviews. Any one person who you would like to have one?

A: I'm a big Roc fan, so Marciano would be a wild one. Honestly so many names come to my mind, but I can't really just pick one. For a local choice, it's gonna be Edo. We've talked a few times about it, but we've had conflicting schedules. We will make it happen for sure, in due time.

Q: Are you happy with the overall response from the listeners?

A: Absolutely, peace to our loyal listeners who hold us down. Supporting our events, buying our merchandise, posting the live link, sharing the podcasts, etc. My favorite part is finding out what other states/countries we have a solid listener base in. So far we get the most interaction back from VA, and England.

Q: Before you started radio, you were an artist. Any plans in the works for new music?

A: It keeps calling me. I have a few unreleased joints still put away. If I release them, they're getting a vinyl and/or cassette release with it. This would be the same for all future original projects. This all depends on if I'm truly inspired to do it. I'm having fun doing what I do now, as I've always been a fan first. I've dropped a few verses here and there, the latest being on my homie Knockout's "Apartment 7" EP (grab that CD and cassette here ). Who knows, stay tuned.

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