Interview with Busy Bars

Q: Last year, you recently released the "5000!" EP. How has the response been from fans?

A: The response from the fans was good. I got nothing but positive feed back and learned a lot from putting it out to prepare for my next ep out this year "What I'm About". New listeners and old new listeners alike seemed to be impressed. I was happy about that and am still getting the ep on more digital distributors to be available to new listeners.

Q: Are you releasing any videos to support the mixtape?

A: No official videos for the mix. Only short a promotional. The mix is called "360Bars", my mix not mixtape. Its about 50 minutes of continuous music. About two songs and the rest is a blend of a few of my dopest verses all remixed and or edited with a bunch of drops from MA's best world traveling emcees everybody know. Most who I have music coming out with soon. Its a filler between projects as well as a trailer of sort.

Q: You seem to perform all over. Where is for favorite spot?

A: I don't have one particular venue that is my favorite for any reason but I can say so far my favorite place to perform in is NH. I just started doing shows up there much more starting a little before the summer and have got an awesome reception. Audiences sing my hooks with me and know my lyrics when I say them which tells me a lot of them where listening. That means the most as an artist speaking for self. Not only myself though. The crowds get up for all the acts that are give good energy.

Q: Are you working on your next project and if so, what can fans expect?

A: Yes. As I mentioned before my next ep that will be available later this year is called "What I'm About" and "360Bars", my mix NOT mixtape will be available as a free download initially at the end of May. I'm always recording and writing. I have been working with so many other artists this year stocking music and deciding what to do with. I have finished new music with Reks and MDot , and a long list of more known MA artists I have not previously worked with. With the amount I have with those artists and seem to not slowing down making, I think its fitting to use a good amount of that music for the third and last installment of my "BedroomBoomBap" mixtape series. That mixtape series was my first release to the public featuring a list of who's who in MA Hip Hop. I'm going to get the previous two volumes original art and all online. Other than that more socially conscious, neutral, fun, quality, music which I hope listeners can find some type of value in. BusyBars is and are complicated measures. Peace.

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