Interview with Big Kurt

Q: You recently released "M.A.B.U.S." How happy are you with the fans' response?

A: I can't believe how many people love my words all over the world now and I completely owe that to Reef The Lost Cauze, The Snowgoons, and the rest of the Goon Musick family!!!

Q: What was it like working with Snowgoons?

A: unbelievable!!! They are literally some of the best PEOPLE you will ever meet!!! Dj Illegal has really put me under his wing on this project. Between me not having exclusive rights to almost any of the instrumentals on the project forcing them to release a project on the label for free or start creating a whole new cd not to mention me having no fan base coming to the table, with names like Onyx on the same label I honestly couldn't even believe they would consider me submitting a project especially considering they have absolutely nothing to gain by working with me at least right now. Everything came down to one song/video really, that song is called "Not A Fuckin Chance" featuring Reef The Lost Cauze from my first mixtape. That was the only reason they knew who I was to begin with sorry for the long answer but that's a question I could write a book about but yeah this whole project had really become a dream come true

Q: You released a video "Barbarian Ancestry". What was it like to film the video?

A: shit was crazy man, mixed feelings of "I can't believe I'm shooting a video with Sicknature" and "I really hope I seem like I might know what I'm doing" lol I smoked a lot of joints during that shoot lol I think it went well though cuz that shoot was before we talked about releasing my next project through the Goon Musick label.

Q: Haven't seen you on stage in almost a year. Any performances coming up?

A: local promoters don't book local acts! I NEED to give my dude Akrobatik props cuz he has been trying to get this across to the masses for a while now but no one cares I've done so many shows in the Providence and Boston. upwards of 90 shows and the best case scenario I'm in front of 5 people for 0-50 bucks any show with an actual fuckin crowd within 100 miles is gonna cost a local artist at minimum a couple hundred dollars and any serious show will cost more. I can't tell you how many times I came out of pocket for shows and the response is always "if you sell your tickets you could even make money" Lmfao listen when I opened up for a headliner it was anywhere from 35-75 tickets to sell and I need to cover weather they sell or don't! If a local artist tells you they get paid for shows they're the ones booking and promoting the shows (witch costs WAAAAY more money and you need to sell WAAAAY more tickets and have opening acts to cover sets and that makes you part of that whole cycle) the answer is WE NEED LOCAL SUPPORT FOR LOCAL ACTS FROM PROMOTERS AND FANS!!!!! My grammar is terrible I apologize for that lol

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