Everything you needed to know about the show

On January 4, 1994, the Rob and Gang morning show came on the air for the first time. Unlike other college radio shows, this one has broken records as far as a WRBB student radio shows has gone. It was the longest running student show on the air and ever. Not only that, but it has not moved from its Tuesday morning slot since January 4th, 1994, so listeners knew what to tune in on Tuesday mornings. Rob and Gang has occationally appeared on Mondays and on Thursdays. By the fall of 1998, the Rob and Gang morning show went where no other student show has ever gone; five days a week.

Members of the Gang

Over the years, there have been many members. This is the complete list of people. If you are listed and you last name is not here, e-mail me so I can give you proper credit.

Luke Connolly


Justin Alpert

Antoinette Chisolm


David Boudrea

Jacqueline "Jackie" Kornish (R.I.P)

DJ Mills

JP Jeulin

BJ Hill

Ken "Aaron" Pagano

Emily Kaplan

Alan Clauss

Chris Macri

Allison Perkins

Chris Dosher

Ron Kass

Emily White

John Bartmon

Derek Diedicksen

Neil Juliano

Mossy Curran

Cyrus McQueen


Nicole Laszlo

Best thing on the show are free

Horoscopes: 7:30

Top Nine List: 8:30 (supplied by Top 5)

Entertainment news: 9:30

News: Ten minutes to the top of the hour

Muisc: The rest of the time.

We will miss you Jackie

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