One of the things I love to do is explore restaurants, especially in and around the Boston area. When I travel outside of the Boston area, I am sure to visit as many locations as possible that you cannot find in the Boston area. Hopefully, some of these chains reach into the Boston area while some can stay away. But as quickly as I visit one, 5 more pop up. Sadly enough, there are times when places have closed. I have been around enough to know where the best type of food is. This list is pure opinion and if you think you found a better place I can try, please feel free to e-mail me and let me know.

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Review and Suggestions

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Rob's Favorites

Best Wine Selection: David Burke Prime (Foxwoods)
Best Steak Tips: Newbridge Cafe (Chelsea, MA)
Best Roast Beef: Kelly's (Revere, MA)
Best Italian: Strega (North End Boston)
Best Antipasto: Newbridge Cafe (Chelsea)
Best Chinese Food: Billy Tse's (Revere/Boston MA)
Best Japanese:Bisuteki
Best Middle Eastern: Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
Best Fast Food: Wendy's
Best Nachos: Boston Beer Works (Boston)
Best Fajitas: Dockside (Malden)
Best Mexican: Casa Blanca (Billerica, MA)
Best Pizza: Pisa Pizza (Malden, MA)
Best Formal Restaurant: Jacob's and Company (Toronto)
Best Steak: Jacob's and Company (Toronto)
Best French Fries: Red Robin (Various)
Best Buffett: Festive Buffett (Foxwoods, CT)
Best Clam Chowder: Legal Seafood
Best Baked Stuff Shrimp: Legal Seafood
Best Chicken Wings: Wings Over (various)
Best Outdoor Restaurant: Jack Astor's (Toronto)
Best 2 AM Spot:
Best Scenic View: Top of the Hub (Boston)

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