Alpert’s Last Dance
The leader of ‘Rob and Gang’ says goodbye
By B.J. Hill
News Staff
Rob Alpert, longtime host of the popular morning show “Rob and Gang” hung up his headphones at WRBB for the final time last Tuesday.
Alpert, a recently graduated marketing major, hosted the show since January 1994. Originally airing only on Tuesday mornings, it eventually went to three, and then to five days a week, from 6 to 10 a.m.
His program followed an R&B format with horoscopes, shoutouts, ticket contests and entertainment news. “Rob and Gang” listeners have tuned in to interviews with artists such as 98 Degrees, Method Man, Ed O.G. and Eminem.
“I’ve tried to move away from a just-Northeastern show and become more community-oriented,” Alpert said. WRBB can be heard throughout the Back Bay, Roxbury and parts of Cambridge.
In addition to his morning show responsibilities, Alpert was elected to the positions of news director and engineer for WRBB. His co-ops have been at 94.5 FM WJMN.
“I knew I wanted to be on a radio show since I was 6 years old,” said Alpert. “When I came on campus as a freshman [in fall 1993], I walked into the studio before I went to any class.”
His five-year dedication to the show cannot be overestimated. Each quarter he has bent over backwards to make a class schedule that would let him keep his air time. A 6 a.m. show also means a 4:15 a.m. wake-up everyday for the commute from his home in Saugus.
Even so, Alpert expresses no regrets. “This has really been a dream come true for me getting together with a bunch of friends, playing good music and talking about stuff over cold O.J. and hash browns.”
Will Rob Alpert ride the airwaves again? Undoubtedly, but probably not here in Boston. He is currently seeking a morning show host-track position at a station on the East Coast or in the Southeast.
WRBB is just a small community/college station, but it has hosted its fair share of legends since its inception in the early 1970s, such as John Vines, host of the Jazz Circle since the mid-’80s, and Bobby Lawson, reggae show host for 11 years.
And after five years of unselfish dedication bringing the early morning beat to the people, Rob Alpert can count himself among the Hall of Famers in Boston radio.

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