After my radio show, I walked down the hall towards the front office. Nicole, the current co-op, stopped me and said she had an interview for me. Never one to refuse, I accepted the offer and she was going to set up the interview for me. Nicole was excited about the interview and gave me Eminem's first single, "My Name Is." I walked down to the production studio and played the different tracks listed. I found the beats really good and the lyrics very funny. He was certainly not going to be the next Vanilla Ice and with beats and support for Dr. Dre, I could see success similar to Snoop Dogg.

The next day, I started playing "My Name Is" on the air and promoted my upcoming interview. Nicole spoke to the promoter who also had WRBB set up an autograph session just outside the studios. I wasn't sure on how this was going to go seeing how at the time, Eminem was an unproven artist. The closer the inteview came, the more people would ask me if I was getting nervous about the interview. I would say it was no different then any of my others. The interview was scheduled for February 16th, 1999, in the morning. I wanted the interview to be at 9:30 am and have that be the final segment of the show. Eminem, Paul Rosenburg, and others did not show up until 9:55 am. Nicole came in early to make sure everything would be all set. Bobby Lawson, who spins reggae, was coming on after me. I asked Nicole to stall them until I could set up the production studio to record. Just after 10 am, Nicole brought them down the hall.

After the typical how you doing and introductions, Eminem asked me if we were going to do a live interview. I pointed out that Bobby was recording his show and the interview would be live. In reality, it was the other way around. Hey, it was radio and no one would notice. The interview came off great as we joked around the entire time. The interview was one of my favorites since Eminem and I had great chemistry right off the bat. Eminem promoted the album and to concert that night at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA.

After the interview, we headed downstairs and got Burger King. We sat at two different tables and start chatting about the show that night and a few other things. I also started to get to know Royce 5'9, a friend of Eminem. Royce had a song on the Lyrists Lounge 2 CD and I am surprised his star did not rise as fast as Eminem's. While sitting there, I overheard a student ask another if that was Eminem sitting over there. I had to laugh since this was a celebrity siting there and they were the only ones to notice. After breakfast, we headed back upstairs to where the promoter, a friend of mine, and Nicole had set up tables for the autograph session. After we sat down, I told Eminem that Nicole liked him and that turned funny as he openly flirted with her every time she came near. We also continued to joke around about different things. One of the things was Eminem's cup from Burger King. He asked me twice if it was mine and both times I said no. Third time, I said yes and grabbed it and drank out of it. It came to me that Eminem likes to joke around when people are listening. After that, we headed back into the station to wrap up. This is when I noticed real Marshell Mathers is as we chatting with Paul a little bit. Outside, I made arraingements to meet up with them that night at the Middle East. Eminem and his crew were off to another radio station and I was off to edit the tape for the next day's show.

At the Middle East, I first ran nto Royce. We talked about how the rest of the day went. We talked as Eminem finished up Boston Access TV interview. I ran into Pete who was the promoter for this concert. He handed me a backstage pass. I spent most of the night back stage or in the artist area. During the first couple of acts, I sat in the artist room with Eminem and his pose, fellow NU student Akrobatik and others. The back room is where I usually have the most fun. Just before Eminem was set to come on stage, I moved over to the other side of the stage to watch.

Eminem and Royce performed together before a sold out crowd. At one point during the show, a girl jumped on stage and stood in fron of Eminem. He asked her to take off her sirt. She refused which caused a bunch of us to start laughing. So he asked again and again she refused. Boldly, she asked him to take off his shirt and he did. Then he asked her again and this time she did. After that, security lead her over to where a bunch of us where standing. Right after the show, I said goodbye to everyone and headed home. After all, I was set to be on the air in 3 hours.

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