Robert Tomasello Benson

3/23/1975 to 10/25/2000

Robert (Tomasello) Benson. 1976-2000

On Wednesday, October, 25th 2000, Robert Tomasello Benson was taken off of life support at New England Medical Center in Boston. After undergoing surgery for a blood clot in his brain, Benson lapsed into a coma and never recovered. He was removed from life support Wednesday morning. Bobby Benson, as he is known to me, is an old friend of mine going back to Middle School. Bobby was a serious tough kid but also didn't have a lot of friends but he did have a lot of heart and courage. It was his heart and courage that inspires me to this day. I've heard it said many times about how a person so tough inside the ring could be so kind outside. Everything I read about with following boxing match and even people talking when I was standing in a packed funeral home to say my final farewell, was all good. Why did Bobby have to go at 25 years old? I think about Reggie Lewis. Another person who no one had a bad thing to say about. I think of the packed Mathews Arena of Northeastern University campus. Both Bobby and Reggie died doing what they loved to do. Then there is another person who was very kind and energetic. Jackie Kornish. She worked with me on my morning show for a quarter. She died tragically while scuba diving in Rockport. All three were good people. Heart of gold and full of life. In eyes of many, they couldn't do anything wrong and they excelled at doing what they love. But, they also died doing it as well. This time, it was Bobby's turn and as the song goes, only the good die young. Memories of Bobby and me will fill my head for weeks to come. And even I think back and think of the times me and Bobby did fight over kid stuff, we always reamined friends. We lost touch after high school and Bobby entered the ring where he went 14-0-2. I remember sitting in home room senior year and asking Bobby when he would turn pro. I told him that when he did, I wanted to be his mananger. Even though I never did, it didn't stop me from watching his career blossom. I followed Bobby's career from his first fight to his last. I never thought the last would come so soon. Following the fight, Bobby fell into a coma and was rushed to New England Medical Center. I miss Bobby. Your spirit will always be with me. God Bless.

Boxer Tomasello Dead Of Fight Injuries
Fighter Had Brain Blood Clot
Professional boxer Bobby Tomasello has died of injuries suffered in a fight in Boston.
The 24-year-old from Saugus, Mass., died Wednesday morning at the New England Medical Center, where he underwent surgery Saturday to remove a blood clot from his brain.
Tomasello -- whose real name was Robert Benson -- collapsed in his dressing room after a nationally-televised, 10-round bout at "The Roxy" last Friday night against Steve Potse of Ghana.
In a statement, the fighter's family thanked the boxing community for its prayers and support over the last five days.
Tomasello's professional record was 14 wins, no losses and one draw.
Boston Boxer In Coma After Bout Saugus Figther In Critical Condition After ESPN Card
BOSTON, Posted 4:00 a.m. EDT October 24, 2000 -- A boxer who collapsed shortly after a nationally televised 10-round fight remained in critical condition Monday, leaving family and friends little to do but hope and pray.
Robert Benson, 26, of Saugus, who competes under the ring name Bobby Tomasello, collapsed in his dressing room Friday night after fighting Steve Potse of Ghana to a 10-round draw at a Boston nightclub.
He was taken to New England Medical Center, where he underwent surgery Saturday morning to remove a blood clot, relieve swelling and stop bleeding in his brain. He was reportedly in a coma.
A hospital spokeswoman said Monday that his condition was critical, but wouldn't release any more details.
Benson, who fights under the same ring name his father used in the 1970s, was in his first 10-round bout. It was also his first televised fight, shown on ESPN2's "Friday Night Fights."
The fight was initially scored a win for Potse, but a draw was announced when it was discovered a judge's scorecard had been read incorrectly.
Benson's professional record is 14 wins, 0 losses and 1 draw with 8 knockouts.

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