Welcome to, the independent home for Boston's hip-hop scene and of Rob Alpert. This site contains pictures from hip-hop shows across New England, free hip-hop downloads from artists around New England, a calendar of upcoming shows and so much more. Originally, this site was about Rob Alpert and his morning show, Rob and Gang, on WRBB in the 1990's. Today, the site continues to honor the tradition of the show with opinions about the world, restaurant reviews and games. This site has recently expanded to help promote the third coming of Boston hip-hop. With new artists emerging and old artists giving it another go, the time is right to really get out to the clubs and download those free tracks on-line.

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The Man, The Myth, The Rob

"It all starts here" - Mikey (played by Sean Astin in Goonies)

Since I was 6, I always wanted to be a radio DJ. I even practiced with my friends. It was like a game. What drew me to Northeastern rather then Mass College of Pharmacy was WRBB. I checked out the radio station the first day I stepped onto campus. I met a lot of people from various backgrounds at WRBB. It was more then just a student group, it is a real radio station that reaches out to the city of Boston.

I earned my radio license while attending pharmacy classes. In 1995, my morning show, The Rob and Gang morning show, was launched on January 4. With the help of my best friend Lucas and a few seniors, I molded the show into a popular daily show that served as the launching pad for many hip-hop and R&B acts in Boston. We ran plenty of funny bits, some even too raunchy for regular radio. Ad libbing was the fuel of the show most of the time. Eventually, other things began to pan out such as interviews with some of music's best performers like 98 Degrees, Redman, Method Man and Eminem.

The show was originally on Tuesday mornings from 6 to 10 am. From there, it went on Mondays also. This is unusually from a college radio show to be on more then once a week. It became more unusual when it went five days a week like a professional radio show. We had over 25 members through out the five wonderful years. The final show in 1999 was something amazing as Boston's old school representative Ed O.G freestyled with an up and coming rapper named Checkmark.

At times, I would host other shows. The Midnight Cafe brought out another side of me. On this show, I turned down the lights and turned up the slow jams. I took phone calls all night for requests and dedications. As much as I loves hip-hop, slow jams has been a bigger passion of mine, no pun intended.

One of my last shows, the Sunday Afternoon Flava, brought out all the local artists. I also played new music from well known artists as well as underground rappers. But nothing was more exciting then having local artists come up to the studio to talk and freestyle.

I also traveled around the Northeast to broadcast baseball and basketball games for Northeastern. I enjoyed the little vacations when each weekend of the season and found myself in a different city like Durham, NH and Orono ME.

Interview history: This is a summary of most of the interviews I did from 1993 to 1999. Off of this page, you will soon find the individual stories behind some of the interviews. I will also be uploading some of the interviews.

Lost Boyz Redman and Method Man Sports Stories
98 Degrees Short Stories Last Show
Eminem Show Misc

Along with doing the Rob and Gang morning show, I also had a hand in bringing back the Saturday Afternoon Flava, Midnight Cafe and the Squared Circle. I spent a season with the NU Huskies Baseball and Basketball radio announce team. I had the chance to travel to Philadelphia, Orono ME, and get lost in upstate New Hampshire. I also served a year as News Director (which was certainly the high point of the morning show) and Engineer before graduating Northeastern in 1999 with a degree in business management and marketing. I graduated along side of some of the best students in the entire school. The class of 1999 had student leaders from all groups including the Northeastern News, LASO, and CUP.

After standing on the sidelines for many years, I have jumped back into the world of Boston hip-hop. I have found some new and old people to work with in trying to unify Boston hip-hop to once again try to put it back on the map.

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